Our Pastor’s Writing

A collection of reflections and essays by our pastor.

Corona Virus Missives – A list of the lectionary readings for each reflection is found at the end of the document.

Science and Religion

Natural Theology and the God Who Hides Himself – Read two teaser paragraphs here or the pdf document here.
Letter to Andrew Klavan of the Daily Wire, in response to his interview with Stephen Meyer, author of Return of the God Hypothesis. here.

Book Reviews for Cross Alone

James Buol’s book about his journey as a refugee from South Sudan to Boston.
Julie Ponesse’s book, My Choice: The Ethical Case Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates.

Genesis Seminar

We are reading through the book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible. In addition to contributions from class participants, we are also considering insights from the German scholars Gerhard von Rad, Claus Westermann, the American scholar Victor Hamilton, and of course, Martin Luther. We are also considering insights offered by the Jewish scholar, Nahum Sarna, in his Genesis commentary.

Sometimes we summarize key points, or fun artwork, which may be found on the slides listed below.